Monday, 2 November 2015

A Little Catch Up & Halloween Photos

My last blog post was towards the very end of the summer holidays which means I've had a 2 month break from posting! I still can't really believe it's been that long and all I can really say is.. A2s. The combination of senior sixth, doing 4 A levels and getting my first job has made this half term a bit crazy and only really now, after a week or so off school for the half term holiday, have I had time to even think about blogging! 

Although I've mostly spent this half term catching up with my work, my friends and I did make some time to celebrate Halloween- by getting all dressed up in American Horror Story themed costumes and pulling an all nighter out in Manchester. We had an amazing night- which came to an end with us crawling into the Piccadilly Station starbucks at around 5am for a panini! 
A few close ups of my makeup~ you can hopefully see, if you're into American Horror Story, that with the black running down from my eyes, I was going for the season 5 Hotel poster of Lady Gaga. I'm not sure I really did it justice- but ended up just trying to go as creepy as possible, with some blood on my neck and a dark purple lipstick. 
Eleanor and Cherie went for season 4 Freak Show themed makeup- which required a lot more precision than just running black face paint down their faces (!) but looked amazing by the end.
 I hope you've enjoyed this halloween themed catch-up and that if you celebrated Halloween, you had a good time! Thanks for reading :)